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Time Saving
Robust Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology to bridge manufacturing and every stage of building development resulting in 40% design and construction time savings.
Cost Saving
Provide end-to-end building services that vertically integrate the entire building delivery process, eliminating "surprises" and dramatically reducing costs.
Optimized Supply Chain 
Access the most competitive manufacturers and talents over the world, from design to construction, providing greater precision, higher productivity and greater quality control.
Integrated Solutions
Whether you're looking for a single-family or ADU or want to build a mid-high rise building for others, we've got you covered. To get started, find the best solutions for your needs.
One Stop 
to a Complete Building
Talece and our affiliate partners offer a range of AEC services, including design, engineering, material supply, construction, and more. No matter what you want, end-to-end solutions or independent services, Talece is a one-stop source for you. 

Our Featured Projects

Project NOVA 500
Light Gauge Steel System 

This 500 SF ADU in San Jose CA is a perfect for guest or Airbnb rental in your backyard. From design to build, this ADU can take as little as 9 weeks to complete.

Project Syracuse
Light Gauge Steel System 

Prefab buildings for the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Syracuse University are the perfect showcases of new building technologies. 

Project Rosa
Light Gauge Steel System 

This project is a modern style single-family house with a double car garage and has 9 ceilings throughout the main floor.

To rebuild the house after the CA wildfire last year, the client needs a quick housing solution. Talece's light gauge steel system was the first choice to meet the client's needs. 


Prefab Moment Frame System

1100 Harrison Court is an entitled 27 unit residential/commercial mixed-use building proposed for the southeast corner of San Pablo Avenue and Harrison Street in the Gilman District in Berkeley, CA.

The main feature of this project is the vertical courtyard in the center of the project. This vertical courtyard is designed to provide light and air to the inner facing bedrooms and to the kitchens and also act as a social space for impromptu and spontaneous socializing amongst neighbors, something interior corridor-based circulation is not conducive to.

Project Harrison

Free Feasibility Assessment: Of course

Customizable Design: No problem

Local Code Compliance: Yes

"The AEC industry is ripe for digital disruption. Prefab with BIM frees us from the constraints of conventional building and enables integrated construction that’s both economical and environmental."

Robert Friedman
Talece Co-CEO